NYXCrossword.com Is Temporarily Unavailable

I am aware of the problem, and have been unable to fix it with my limited expertise. I’ve contracted someone to resolve the issue, and am hopeful that we’ll be back online shortly. I’m over in Ireland right now, for an unanticipated visit. Quite frankly, I’m a little overwhelmed with issues arising on both blogs, and real life can get in the way and makes things so much worse. I apologize for the poor service in recent months, and fully intend to get online with high-speed, reliable websites at both LAXCrossword.com and NYXCrossword.com just as soon as I can. I refuse to give up!

20 thoughts on “NYXCrossword.com Is Temporarily Unavailable”

  1. Too clever for this boy. Cheated big time on this one and it’s only Thursday’s. My memory must be worse than I thought. When I push post comment it say’s duplicate post. Yikes !

  2. Bruce Haight never disappoints me. This phonetic-letter trick was rocky in places, but big fun, as is imagining a robot reading aloud the theme answers. (Should BH be reading: I gotta tell you that I was aggravated by your throwing those two long — and to many solvers, obscure — proper nouns in at 1 and 2, and again at 41 and 42. Sure, to make it work, you gotta do what you gotta do … but still. Thanks for the entertaining Friday workout.)

  3. Nothing came up today 2/1/19. Figured it must be my cp. Then I went into this site and found all these messages. I can deal with the ads that started afew mos. ago. Hope it goes back to normal.

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