LA Times Crossword Answers 26 May 13, Sunday

THEME: Business Meetings … we have the letters “LL” and “C” “meeting” in the middle of each of our themed answers today, with LLC being an abreviation for a business structured as a Limited Liability Company:

23A. “Gladiator” Best Actor winner RUSSELL CROWE
39A. Ended up where one started CAME FULL CIRCLE
58A. Hotel supervisor BELL CAPTAIN
70A. One in a hospital room display GET-WELL CARD
83A. Annual sports event, familiarly FALL CLASSIC
102A. One may include Barbies DOLL COLLECTION
124A. Triceps-strengthening exercise also called a French press SKULL CRUSHER
17D. Old West showman BUFFALO BILL CODY
46D. Marx Brothers forte SCREWBALL COMEDY

125D. Business “meeting” hidden in nine puzzle answers LLC


Today’s Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
We are finishing up our two-day family reunion over here in Ireland today, and so again I only have time to post the essentials. I doubt I will get to the lookups today, but jet lag may help! The good news is that things should be back to normal tomorrow (Monday). Apologies for the inconvenience.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. They’re put up in fights DUKES
6. Zany MADCAP
12. Small car brand MATCHBOX
20. 12-time NBA All-Star Thomas ISIAH
21. San Francisco mayor, 1968-’76 ALIOTO
22. Draft-y building? ALEHOUSE
23. “Gladiator” Best Actor winner RUSSE(LL C)ROWE
25. High-reaching ruminants GIRAFFES
26. Stomach opening? GASTRO-
27. In-crowd ELITE
29. [“Boohoo”] SNIFF
30. Eastern Nevada city ELY
31. Silents star Negri POLA
34. Old European capital LIRA
36. 900 and 9000 SAABS
39. Ended up where one started CAME FU(LL C)IRCLE
44. Poet Edgar __ Masters LEE
45. Long Beach sch. CSU
47. Hackled headwear SHAKO
48. Florence farewell CIAO
49. Theater section LOGE
50. Ipso __ FACTO
52. About to faint AREEL
54. Cinematic sled ROSEBUD
56. Supplier of household dishes DIRECTV
58. Hotel supervisor BE(LL C)APTAIN
62. Explosive state IRE
63. Editing mark CARET
66. Frosty material? COAL
67. Modern address URL
68. They really never come home, figuratively COWS
70. One in a hospital room display GET-WE(LL C)ARD
74. Some cameras, for short SLRS
77. Preschooler’s protector BIB
79. Skylab org. NASA
80. Asparagus unit SPEAR
82. “The Little Mermaid” collectible CEL
83. Annual sports event, familiarly FA(LL C)LASSIC
87. Colorful Italian dessert SPUMONI
89. Not what a fox wants to hear TALLYHO!
90. 100 kopeks RUBLE
93. Syndicated computer adviser Mr. __ MODEM
94. Sole ONLY
95. Flamenco cries OLES
98. Tilts a little LEANS
100. Affirmative at sea AYE
101. __-1701: Starship Enterprise markings NCC
102. One may include Barbies DO(LL C)OLLECTION
106. Home of Iwatayama Monkey Park KYOTO
108. Baking __ SODA
109. This, to Tito ESTA
110. Some undergrad degs. BAS
113. 102-Across chorus, maybe MAMAS
116. Colorful tank fish TETRA
119. “__ Full of Love”: “Les Miz” song A HEART
121. Take over, as a role STEP INTO
124. Triceps-strengthening exercise also called a French press SKU(LL C)RUSHER
127. Banquet product TV DINNER
128. Floral parts SEPALS
129. Acid type AMINO
130. Hospital recreation areas DAY ROOMS
131. Look ASPECT
132. Under, to Byron NEATH

1. Musical lament DIRGE
2. Run-of-the-mill USUAL
3. __ Suzuki, mother of Bond’s unborn child at the end of Fleming’s “You Only Live Twice” KISSY
4. Vane direction EAST
5. Nepalese people SHERPA
6. Evil, to Yvette MAL
7. Proof is its std. of strength ALC
8. Desperate DIRE
9. Slangy “Excellent!” COOL
10. Whenever you want AT WILL
11. Like Shakespeare POETIC
12. GQ, e.g., briefly MAG
13. Laila and Tatyana ALIS
14. Coastal bird TERN
15. Lounging site CHAISE
16. 1992 Nicholson role HOFFA
17. Old West showman BUFFALO BI(LL C)ODY
18. Sweet ending -OSE
19. Marks on a ballot XES
24. They have shuttles LOOMS
28. Szmanda of “CSI” ERIC
32. City on the Seine LE HAVRE
33. Where many travelers come from? AFAR
35. “Entourage” agent Gold ARI
37. Kicked off BEGUN
38. Sesame __ SEED
39. Precious CUTE
40. Tiny Tim’s instrument UKE
41. Leopold’s nefarious partner LOEB
42. Turin term of affection CARA
43. Script “L” feature LOOP
45. African capital CAIRO
46. Marx Brothers forte SCREWBA(LL C)OMEDY
49. Some military transports LEARS
50. S&L guarantor FDIC
51. Job: Abbr. OCC
53. Baroque composer Jean-Marie LECLAIR
55. R-V connectors STU
57. Graffiti ID TAG
59. Online guffaw LOL
60. Érié and others LACS
61. Applaud CLAP
64. Sicilian spewer ETNA
65. Christmas or Carroll poem opening ‘TWAS
69. Inane SILLY
71. Mulholland Drive segment ESS
72. Is offended by RESENTS
73. Fist bump DAP
75. Taylor of “The Nanny” RENEE
76. Opposite of likely SLIM
78. Activist Nellie BLY
81. Cuba libre liquor RUM
83. __-pants: foppish FANCY
84. Sound on a track? CHOO
85. Hang loose LOLL
86. Glean CULL
88. Haunted house sound MOAN
89. Honky-__ TONK
91. Honey source BEE
92. Victoria’s Secret frill LACE
96. Lullaby trio? ELS
97. British poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, for one SCOT
99. Plucked instrument SITAR
102. Piece with pips DOMINO
103. Ukrainian port ODESSA
104. Fried Hanukkah fare LATKES
105. Obama, by birth OAHUAN
107. Hoglike mammal TAPIR
110. Coastal Brazilian state BAHIA
111. “__ we all?” AREN’T
112. German brewer Bernhard STROH
114. Dating word ANNO
115. Floral part STEM
117. __ Arena: Kentucky Wildcats home RUPP
118. Latin wings ALAE
120. Carlisle’s wife in “Twilight” ESME
121. Part of 126-Down: Abbr. STD
122. Norris Dam prog. TVA
123. Surg. centers ORS
125. Business “meeting” hidden in nine puzzle answers LLC
126. Western Fla. Panhandle setting CST

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