LA Times Crossword Answers 25 May 13, Saturday


Today’s Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I am in the middle of a family reunion at the moment (over in Ireland). As a result, I only have time to post the essentials today.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Bug spray target ANT
4. Hospital bug STAPH
9. They’re usually password-protected: Abbr. ACCTS
14. Where the buck stops? DOE
15. Opening of a memorable walrus song I AM HE
16. F follower in vintage TV TROOP
17. Pius XII’s successor JOHN XXIII
19. Totaled RAN TO
20. Trailer caution UNRATED
21. Breaks down slowly GNAWS AT
23. “Beowulf” translator Heaney SEAMUS
24. John of “Harold & Kumar” movies CHO
25. Confused LOST
26. Firms TONES
27. __ melt PATTY
29. USPS assignment RTE
30. Huff SNIT
31. Not likely to fall SUREFOOTED
33. Mesa natives ARIZONANS
35. Road hog? GAS GUZZLER
38. Magic power MOJO
42. Material flaw RIP
43. Laid the groundwork for? TILED
44. Didn’t quite expect HOPED
45. God that leaves one smitten EROS
47. Insurance salesman Ryerson in “Groundhog Day” NED
48. Stephen King classic MISERY
49. In a single effort AT ONE GO
51. Lore components SAYINGS
52. Capital near the Red Sea SANA’A
53. Celebrity perks VIP PASSES
55. Employ with vigor EXERT
56. Dr. Dean __ of talk radio EDELL
57. Somme one UNE
58. They might be hitched RIDES
59. Spur part ROWEL
60. Humanities dept. PSY

1. Fiddles with ADJUSTS
2. Situation when the first pitch is thrown NO ONE ON
3. Like many “Argo” militants TEHRANI
4. One of five popes, ironically SIXTUS
5. Mortgage payment component TAXES
6. “__ the Falling Snow”: Enya song AMID
7. Golden ratio symbol PHI
8. Intensified HEIGHTENED
9. Blade brand ATRA
10. __ space CRAWL
11. Hang out (with) CONSORT
12. Cookbook phrase TO TASTE
13. Laid eyes on SPOTTED
18. Ice-breaking aid NAMETAG
22. Over the hill, say NOT FAR
24. Saw your breath while singing, maybe CAROLED
27. Ponder PUZZLE OVER
28. Quaint pointing word YON
31. Giving a once-over, with “up” SIZING
32. Subtle absorption OSMOSIS
34. Symbol of tiredness RUT
35. Pompadour sporter GREASER
36. One way to Martha’s Vineyard AIR TAXI
37. Showed affection for, in a way SPOONED
39. Begins to share OPENS UP
40. Maker of Natural Glow lotions JERGENS
41. Meandering journey ODYSSEY
44. Georgian greeting HI, Y’ALL
46. Catch SNARE
48. Butcher block wood MAPLE
50. Vittles EATS
51. Jet SPEW
54. Swear words I DO

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