LA Times Crossword Answers 15 Jun 13, Saturday


Today’s Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
I am still on vacation over in Ireland, and am just finishing off a short roadtrip with my two brothers (who are again snoring away behind me as I write this in our hotel room). I am not sure if I will have time to finish today’s look-ups before they wake up, so just in case, here are the essentials to be going on with. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. Philip II’s force ARMADA
7. Gaelic name for Scotland ALBA
11. “Top Gun” fighter MIG
14. On-call accessory BEEPER
15. Saturnine DOUR
16. Plug extension? -OLA
17. Egyptian symbol used as a logo by the band Journey SCARAB
18. “__ and the Paycock”: O’Casey play JUNO
19. Garfield’s veterinarian LIZ
20. West end? -ERN
21. Barbecue sauce additive LIQUID SMOKE
24. Rejections NOS
25. “Hard Times” chronicler STUDS TERKEL
26. Wizard revealer TOTO
28. University of Latvia locale RIGA
29. Whiz SAIL
30. Rockefeller’s successor MONDALE
32. Civil POLITE
34. Powerful seniors’ lobby AARP
35. Mandlikova of tennis HANA
36. What a shrug may indicate APATHY
39. CIA director before Petraeus PANETTA
42. Lagoon of Venice resort LIDO
43. Random House co-founder CERF
44. Sam’s twin in “Lord of the Flies” ERIC
46. They’re often discounted FLOOR MODELS
50. Miss the mark ERR
51. Skipped nothing RAN THE GAMUT
52. Sushi staple AHI
53. Two after epsilon ETA
54. Sistine Chapel ceiling depiction EDEN
55. Vestiges TRACES
57. Agnus __ DEI
58. Graduation party rental TENT
59. Deerstalker feature EARLAP
60. WWII spy gp. OSS
61. Needlework in a parlor TATS
62. Brisk SPEEDY

1. Cutting, maybe ABSENT
2. Family game night site REC ROOM
3. Will, barring obstacles MEANS TO
4. National Poetry Mo. APR
5. Gives everyone a hand DEALS
6. Capricious ARBITRARY
8. Mrs. John Quincy Adams LOUISA
9. Cake pan trademark BUNDT
10. Materialized AROSE
11. Hawaiian island once used as a quarantine site MOLOKAI
12. “Thumbs up!” I LIKE IT!
13. Epitome of grace GAZELLE
22. “The Old Curiosity Shop” villain QUILP
23. Prehistoric toon boss MR SLATE
27. Partying it up ON A TOOT
31. Morse code unit DAH
32. Folk instruments named for a Greek god PAN FLUTES
33. A ONE
35. Scheherazade’s milieu HAREM
36. Ristorante sauce ALFREDO
37. Eponymous workout creator Joseph PILATES
38. Keats, in a Shelley title ADONAIS
39. Hairsplitting types PEDANTS
40. Cloying sentimentality TREACLE
41. Space cadet AIRHEAD
43. Well-expressed COGENT
45. Like fried wontons CRISPY
47. Fictional blockade runner Butler RHETT
48. Argonauts’ helper MEDEA
49. Narrow band STRAP
56. Is for more than one? ARE

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