15 thoughts on “LA Times Crossword 10 Mar 21, Wednesday”

  1. No problems with this one until I got down to the bottom and had to look
    up the “designer fragrance”. I figured the comic strip cry was either “ach”
    or “ack”….but not being familiar with designer fragrances I couldn’t see
    what CKONE had to do with perfume.

    1. Indeed. ACH or ACK was okay and even ILE DE FRANCE (lousy clue but the crosses did it), but CHONE or CKONE didn’t compute. Unisex fragrance? Okay, sure, if you say so. Never heard of it.

  2. 31:45 and I had ACH for 61D…when a setter puts clues like 52&53&61D and67A altogether it is very discouraging to average solvers like myself and IMO it is deliberate.
    Guys like Nonny and Bill enjoy this kind of challenge but it’s not my cup of tea.
    Stay safe😀

  3. Had to Google for HASON (can’t spell SECEDER) and CKONE
    (apparently Calvin Klein – I’m too old for that product.
    Didn’t get the theme.
    Misspelled CONESTOGA.
    Had loiRE before ISERE.
    Didn’t actually know, but guessed YEO, SERIO, MIKED, PASO, GST, ST JAMES.
    Tough puzzle for me.

  4. 10:24 no errors

    I got enough circles in my first pass through the acrosses to fill in the theme, but it still took a while to nail everything down. Maybe if I was still reading Cathy I would have thought of ACK sooner. Hard to imagine CK ONE crossing her path.

    @Randy, I’ve thought of trying out. My husband went to a Jeopardy audition years ago. A comedy writer we follow was on the show recently. It really sounds like hitting the buzzer at the right time is the final sieve for all of us who have our minds stuffed with a gallimaufry of weird knowledge.

  5. Same as others. OCTAD and ILEDE.
    I had OCTAL and ILELE.. But I also didn’t know CKONE but it fell.

    I can still see little Michael Jackson singing ABC on American Bandstand. Could not believe how that little kid could sing like that. … he might just be someone someday!!!

  6. 11:31, no errors. If memory serves, this seemed a bit tricky for a Wednesday, though my only misstep seems to have been TENT before NEST.

  7. 11 mins 26 seconds and an embarrassing 8 errors. Just off my feed today, I guess. Still not a bad grid, the fault was all mine…

  8. Had to stare at the natick corner with CKONE as part of the ick. Suddenly leapt into my working brain cells and the puzzle was done.

    Hey, even though I don’t comment much anymore I still come to Bill’s labor (or in celebration of Bill’s Irish heritage, labour) everyday after I finish the puzzle. Anyone know where Carrie is? I’m missing her fresh breeze that usually makes me smile. Thanks for any updates.

  9. Kind of tough for a Wednesday, but managed in 24:16 with no errors. Had to change all kinds of things from my first guesses, GmT, HAsON, tenT. I dredged up CKONE from crossword memory somewhere. I too thought of the Bloom County cat right away 🙂

    Some may call it the ALCAN but I’m pretty sure everyone that we knew referred to it as the Alaska Highway or the Klondike Highway.

  10. If 59A required a foreign word, then there should have been some sort of indication to that effect. And “octad.” GMAB!!

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