16 thoughts on “LA Times Crossword 5 Apr 22, Tuesday”

    1. That is Nathan’s Famous, a hot dog concession on Coney Island, and a commercial brand of weiner. The company was founded by Nathan Handwerker. Nathan’s sponsors an annual hot dog eating contest that usually gets a fair amount of publicity.

  1. No errors!
    “A Bell For Adano” was a Jeopardy question last week. Otherwise, I hadn’t thought about that story since my school days!!
    Happy Tuesday everyone!
    Stay safe! 😊

  2. @Mike – Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs. Mostly in the Hudson Valley, now.

    No errors, no Googles. Had SHoRT before SHIRT, Tee before TAU, BLAst before BLARE.
    Did notice the theme.

  3. @PeaKay & @Nonny, thanks for yesterday’s insight into “else.” I can see how that fits, but barely. 😉

    For today, 8:59 – no errors or lookups. Revised WINBYANOSE>WINBYAHAIR (had not deduced the theme, yet). No other revisions.

    New items were: LARS, HESS.

  4. At least 30 PPPs (places, products, people, other proper nouns)! At some point, a crossword posse should’ve cut ‘em off at the NOTCH (one of several reachy clues, but at least it’s a common noun or verb).

    @Anon Mike — You’ll “bite”? Good one😉. You already know what anyone who Googles “Joey Chestnut” and “champion” and “Fourth of July,” is going to find, don’t you?

    1. I met Joey Chestnut after he won a pastrami eating sandwich contest in Florida. He was the nicest person in the world. He just doesn’t eat Nathan’s hot dogs.

  5. I’m back, because I completed a Tuesday puzzle without needing hints. I do these while eating breakfast and watching the news, and on paper, so I don’t keep up with my time, which would be embarrassing, anyway.

    On 51A – “Peel Out,” I first put “ScratchOff” until little worked going down, and then I realized it was “BurnRubber.” Of course, because when I was a teenager and kids would do that, we would comment that the driver’s father must pay for his tires.

    On 14A – “Actor Baldwin,” Bill wrote: “More recently, he made a name for himself by impersonating President Donald Trump…” I can think of something notable and more recent than that. Someone shared “Glad Chris Rock didn’t tell a joke about Alec Baldwin’s wife.”

    Have a great day!

    1. 14A: I’m surprised ALEC hasn’t gotten cancelled out of this puzzle. Definitely tragic business that he’s mixed up in.

  6. 5:36

    Theme helped a little.

    One of these days I’m going to learn to wait for a crossing word before I commit to whether a group of whales is a GAM or a POD.

  7. A little slower for me today; took 10:07 with no peeks or errors. Didn’t notice the theme until I got here. Didn’t really know HESS or RICHE and I had to re-remember UDALL, with the help of crosses.

    Joe Chestnut comes from just south of here in San Jose. I still like hotdogs but I admit to being a bit unnerved by the saying “Each hotdog that you eat takes 35 minutes off your life.” Hopefully ( 🙂 ) just eating them in moderation mitigates the “danger.”

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