7 thoughts on “LA Times Crossword 2 Oct 22, Sunday”

  1. 15:55, two errors at TApO/GApED AT. Appreciated the prog rock reference, though I can’t say ASIA is my favorite of that genre. Also, after seeing “type a/type b personality” for so long in crosswords, I nearly forgot that they could be blood types as well. Didn’t know FTD but got it from crosses.

  2. I didn’t figure out what was going on until I got all the way down to Quito based diet. That helped a lot and it was fairly smooth after that. Originally I thought the idea was to scramble the letters in WORLD, but that didn’t pan out. All in all, a fun puzzle, I thought.

  3. A lot of easy clues mixed in with a lot of”never heard of” clues resulted in 1:05:25 with two errors.
    If Tazo is a well known tea why have I never heard of it?
    Stay safe😀

  4. 17:12 to finish, with Check Grid needed on 6 fills to ferret out entry errors.

    Nice easy start to the week.

  5. Got the theme early on, but most of the cities in the answers were
    capital cities, but Paris sure didn’t work in the “France” anwer….so finally
    used “Brest” and that worked A couple of big errors: had “motets
    for 24D and that screwed up 27 and 30A. Oh well, better luck next
    time. See y’all tomorrow.

  6. 26:55 – no errors or lookups. False starts: URL>ARC, SINAI>HOREB, PPS>PSS, LENDTO>LOANTO, DIG>NOS.

    Pretty clever theme. I think it was DELHI and QUITO that put me onto the theme construction.

    Did not know that the YARIS was manufactured until 2020. I thought it was stopped long before that. At least it wasn’t as bad as the Yugo.

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