32 thoughts on “LA Times Crossword 18 Feb 23, Saturday”

  1. My crossword had “WARDROBE OF ONES DREAMS?” for 1A. High end makes more sense. I wondered about dreaming In just my PJ Tops? What are my bottoms doing?

    Messed up 25A. Had WAVE. so 26D became VENDAYA who I didn’t know anyway.

    Really got turned around in that top section. OAT OF THIS SWIRLED really had me wondering. Never heard of it so was guessing and was sure it was OUT OF THIS SWIRLED. Once I let go things started to come together.

    Fried eggs on burgers? Hmmm.

    Am i rite?…

    1. I had the same “wardrobe” clue for 1A.

      Also had different clue for 15A. My clue was “Honor won seven times by Nikki Giovanni” instead of “by Beyoncé a record 22 times”.

  2. @cat w from yesterday. U missed the theme. The “O” was there . It was part of BORN. … and it was BORN to lose. So each letter was dropped. Did u wonder where the “B” was in OSHKOSH’B’GOSH?

    @Glenn- what r u writing? Crosswords?

    1. @Mike
      I used to do essay oriented type blog posts akin to what Bill has here as a hobby before I burned out on it. I even had a crossword blog once (ghost-linked by Bill, actually) where I just wrote random things and did the occasional write-up of other puzzles in a format like Bill does here. Probably got 100’s of pages on hand and if I could get enough stability, could probably write 2 or 3 books just off the content, and a few more besides. I’ve been getting back to doing that kind of writing, but again find of facing the stability stressors – you know the whole “If I didn’t have to worry about other stuff I would do” thing. Not publishing any of it, but more for a live presentation. But yeah, hoping very soon to have crosswords go on the list too, once I figure out how to make that work.

  3. Lots of names of people I’ve never heard of, like Nikki Giovanni for 15 across. Took nearly an hour with grid checks at the end. Just too hard for this old man.

  4. Took a long, long time (and almost gave up) but finished without error. Of course, I didn’t know several clues and worked around them forever. Never heard of “Nikki Giovanni,” 15 Across on my puzzle, “Beyonce” on Bill’s. Didn’t appreciate the slangy “Am I rite” answer to 2 Down.

      1. You should be very offended! Your male ego insists upon it! (Unless, of course, you’re female, in which case … hmmm … dunno … 😜.)

  5. No final errors but it was a definite slog. My rhyming feeling is “Clues of slang lead to strum und drang”

  6. 13 minutes 41 seconds, no errors. *THIS* is what I’m talkin’ ’bout: grids that are tough and challenging, but don’t have to stoop to trickery. Had to grind on a few of these, but eventually it all came into place.

    Let’s have more of THESE, instead of the “cute and clever” crap.

  7. I had all the different clues as the other guys but I think it would have been a DNF either way…breeze through a Saturday NYT and then this…times they’re a changing.
    Stay safe😀

  8. No look ups, no errors. 2 changes on the fly,
    out/oat and blunder/blooper. Decent
    challenge in fact I had a little trouble
    getting a foothold. But it came together by
    working from the middle out. “Am I rite”
    just seems wrong….

  9. I’m sorry but are you guys serious with 2 down? Rite is not how you spell “right”, and there is no antiquated definition that applies in that sense either. Very sloppy, what’s the point of spelling any of the words properly if you’re just going to bend syntax for convenience’s sake?

    1. The clue tells you the spelling of some part os the answer is going to funky as “Ya” is used in place of “You”

  10. I think Bill, as an eminent and respected blogger covering the LAT puzzles, must get an advance copy of each puzzle from someone over there and, this time, he was sent a slightly unfinished version. I checked versions from a couple of sites and found, in each one, the same nine clues that were different from his.

    1. Dave, et al

      The clues in Bill’s version match what was printed in today’s LAT (which I subscribe to bering in LA). Never sure how what’s in other newspapers and/or the online version differ – but it seems they sometimes do.

      1. @PeaKay … Hmmm. Interesting. So Bill gets what appears, or will appear, in the print edition of the LAT, but other versions may be different.

        And … it just occurred to me that I forgot to check the version in the Washington Post … so … I looked and it’s the altered version, as well.


  11. 40:01 – no errors or lookups, but what a trial to get there! False starts: STEIN>AANDW, OUT>NOT>OAT, WHAT>SOME, ONEDROP>EYEDROP, LABELNOTES>LIMERNOTES, STAINED>SULLIED, PIVOTAL>ORBITAL, AWARD>ESPYS, _OPENNET>EMPTYNET, STANDSFIRM>STANDSFAST. It also helped when I realized that 18A was “Competent” and not “Component.”

    New: “Nikki Giovanni” (having Beyoncé there would not have helped), “FreeMap Israel,” “Cuaron,” Best Driver, Best Jockey, “Mug” root beer, OAT of This Whirled, “systane,” “Euphoria,” “Dennis the Menace setting.”

    No gripe with using “RITE” in this puzzle; however, using “Am I right [rite]” as a response to “Are you keeping up,” or “Do you agree with me,” seems a little out of sorts.

    A fried egg on a burger also seems out of sorts to me.

  12. Tricky but fun Saturday; finished in 34:16 with no peeks or errors. Just kept plugging away after a slow start, but managed, and with the altered on-line clues.

    I’ve seen AMIRITE before, all as one “word”, so it definitely is in usage.

    There’s a place down by the beach in HMB that serves a highly touted burger with a fried egg topper…it was pretty darn good 🙂

    Well…maybe I’ll try the Sunday

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