13 thoughts on “LA Times Crossword 2 May 23, Tuesday”

  1. 8:14, no errors. I didn’t know FINSTA. I did know TAPER = slender candle but was more familiar with the word in the “smaller at one end” sense & didn’t know the word history. So thanks Bill B.!

  2. Didn’t understand the theme until I read the explanation though I got the answers to the clues. Had ISLES for ISLET and RISSO instead of RATSO. Worked for me except for being wrong…and making ava into a I.

  3. Better than Monday, since I had no errors. Guessed 4, including FINSTA.
    Thanx Faiella for a fun crossword!

  4. Went to fast had rizzo….then changed to Risso and left it …dumb error …it looked like it fit…but no cigar…fun puzzle ..another rainy day when the weatherman tells you it’s just “drizzle “

  5. Not a bad theme, but somewhat repetitive (in two ways*) and a little infantile IMO.
    1. Aren’t we getting a lot of repeats lately?: French friend, Donkey, Part of a tall cake, Post WWII alliance, Open just a crack, etc.
    2. Duplicates: Ultra-fast 62 downs, Fast plane, Post WWII alliance (again).
    3. Are we seven year old children?: Football filler, Jolly December visitor.
    Jam band… gave me a moment of trouble at first–tried to remember Cherry Garcia–but the crosses set me right.
    You don’t suppose several of the constructors went to UCLA, do you? It seems that that school pops up so often that one must wonder.
    All that aside, finished with no errors or lookups. Not a lot to crow about with such an easy puzzle, but still…
    *both within a given puzzle and across several.

    1. I’ve seen ajar in many puzzles of late. Back to my thought that there is a crossword constructors word of the week source out there.

  6. 9:22 – no errors or lookups. False starts: LOU>LEN, UNSAY>UNSEE.

    New: FINSTA.

    Simple enough theme with the circled letters to identify the key words. Nothing else to note.

  7. 7 mins 34 sec, no errors. One fill doesn’t seem to make sense, FINSTA; more stupid, modern technoslang. To paraphrase, “said no one ever…”

  8. 13 minutes and no errors. The theme was worthless to me as I easily solved all the theme clues. INTERNAL AFFAIRS took care of the F in FINSTA for me.

  9. Easy one no lookups.
    On stupid mistake had tusk for 34 across and did not bother to check 34 down.

  10. A lot easier than yesterday for me; took 8:44 with no peeks or errors. Mostly easy, except I only vaguely knew TALIA and never heard of FINSTA. Theme was an afterthought.

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