17 thoughts on “LA Times Crossword 17 Oct 20, Saturday”

  1. 11:48, no errors, no complaints, though I had TONG before TINE, PARTY before DIRTY, and BACK ???? before WALK BACK. Pretty easy for a Saturday puzzle.

  2. That puzzle was kind of fun. A little under 30 minutes for me. I’d never heard of Uber Eats until yesterday when I got some junk mail saying I could get a $30 meal for free, which caused me to look into Uber Eats. I deleted the email.

  3. Really hard one for me today, but ended up with no errors…a lot of guessing
    and one lookup for “uber eats”. Had not heard of that nor “pushalerts”
    although I got that one because of cross answers.

  4. “Walk Back” appears frequently in almost any political news conference. It’s where the press secretary explains that their boss really meant to say something opposed to what they actually said!

    Usually precedes Exorcist-like head spinning.

    Stay safe and vote.

  5. There is the biblical use of cleave meaning adhere–from King James Version–in Genesis:
    Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh

    1. Well, but nobody reads that old book anymore! (Just a snarky joke at “???’s” expense, guys … don’t get upset … 😜.)

      Actually, as a child, that particular verse gave me kind of an “ewww, yuck!” reaction: taken literally, it’s a little too … weird … 😳.

  6. Too tough for me today; took about an hour and gave up on the SE corner, with about 15 squares undone.

    The rest was done pretty quickly…say 25 minutes.

  7. 16 minutes, 54 seconds, no errors. A real challenge for a Saturday, but without the usual forced puns and tricks used to “manufacture” difficulty. Didn’t need a tenuous theme, either. Hats off on this construction.

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