16 thoughts on “LA Times Crossword 22 Oct 20, Thursday”

  1. I was about to write a nasty comment about 50A: “engrave?” having an answer of “Inter,” when the meaning hit me. Clever clue.

    I’ll have to dig deeper, next time.

    1. I had to think about 50A as well. Even when I saw INTER, I was thinking between, not to bury. So I think I needed a 3rd look to get my AHA moment.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the names of any of the 3 Magi. I’m also unfamiliar with Yves Tanguy. Rooney Mara, Leroy “Satchel” Paige, and Lon Chaney are more recognizable names. I’d guess that the percentage of people who know what “pied” actually means is very small. I appreciate that clue — difficult but direct — much more than the cleverness of “engrave.” Didn’t like agasp, either. Agape, aghast, not agasp, not for shock anyway.

    Not bad for a Thursday, I thought. Monday was the toughest puzzle so far this week for me. Due to change, I imagine. Be well.

    1. Thanks to internet you can now look up all these obscure names but in case you haven’t Yves Tanguy was one of the lesser-known painters connected with the French Surrealism movement of the 1920s and 30s. Also a very weird-looking guy. More familiar to crossword puzzlers are two other members of the same group, Max Ernst and Hans Arp.

  3. 18:24 no errors but like most other comments I also didn’t get the theme but it didn’t affect the outcome.
    4D was used in a previous puzzle as Malaysian and today it’s Malayan…are they both correct?
    Stay safe😀
    Go Ravens.

  4. Had to Google OJAYS. Everything else made sense – except the theme, until Bill explained.

    AMFM and RSVPD should be indicated as abbrevs.

    The PIED Piper of Hamlin is portrayed in variegated/particolored clothing, as with Harlequin.
    The Magi’s names are not mentioned in the Bible, but in later tales. I have a nice size collection of illustrated fairy tales, tall tales and other tales.

    My town, Utica, used to be called the Sin City because of Mafia influence. Its population went from 100,000 to 60,000. My husband’s high school was 85% Italian. The Bosnians now constitute 10% of the city. They arrived educated and the first tall group since the Irish. Their mosque is literally next door to City Hall.
    The Erie Canal killed much of NOLA’s business, since traders no longer had to travel up the Mississippi to get to Chicago.

  5. 11:01 6 errors, all in the NE corner

    The theme was cute. I didn’t go looking for the Jacks until I had it all filled in.

  6. I think the clue for “slightly touched” which took me a bit to figure out, warrants more of an explanation than title or canoed, but that’s just me.

  7. 9 minutes, 4 seconds, no errors. I’m usually not still in the single figures for minutes by Thursday…

  8. Mostly easy and very enjoyable Thursday; took me 19:39, with no peeking, before I got the banner. Even though I’m on just 5 hours sleep, things just came together fairly quickly today.

    I did goof up MAyalAN before MALAYAN, but that was just lack of sleep 🙂 Never heard of Yves Tanguy – very interesting paintings!! So, Rooney Mara played in the American version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” I saw the original with Noomi Rapace in Swedish with subtitles. Same with “Le Cage aux Folles”, I just see absolutely no reason to remake a perfectly good movie.

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