8 thoughts on “LA Times Crossword Answers 1 Aug 2017, Tuesday”

  1. 9 minutes no errors. Completely whiffed on the theme, but I didn’t look for it either.

    Finally on DNF it’s all semantics. What happened is not in dispute – just what you call it is. As Will Shortz says – it’s your puzzle; do what you want with it.

    I’ll have the final say on the DNF subject: From now on every puzzle not done in Finland is INF…Is Not Finnish…….Makes everything easier 🙂

    Best –

    1. Well, darn … there’s nothing like common sense and a little humor to wreck a good argument in the making … thanks a bunch, Jeff! … ?

      Nevertheless, I shall continue to reserve the phrase “did not finish” for puzzles that I cannot do at all, with or without Google, like some of the Friday metapuzzles from the WSJ site … and probably some future Saturday Stumper from Newsday … ?

  2. Jeff, last comments on Mr. Secy. Steven T. Mnuchin, Like the others before him, Mr. Jack Lew, Timothy Geithner and Henry Paulson ….

    Mr. Mnuchin will also have to ‘alter’ his signature on the dollar bills, so that most of the signature will be ‘readable’ or somewhat legible. Here, in this link he gave examples of his ordinary signature, and his reformed signature to a CNBC anchor lady.

    Also, despite producing over 40 movies, including The Accountant, Sully and Mad Max , and the Lego movie, he and his investors reportedly lost $ 80 million, per wiki. Either he has a fantastic accountant or he follows the crazy Hollywood Studios accounting procedures. 😉

    More on the puzzle, in my next.

  3. Bill, my previous comments just disappeared ..
    …. Please rescue it from your spam files ….

    Today’s puzzle was much easier than yesterday’s. I had a jolly good time, and enjoyed the solve very much.
    I did not connect with the theme, so thanks to Bill, I now understand it.

    Have a nice evening, all
    tomorrow is another day.

    1. Hi there, Vidwan.

      It looks like the anti-spam gods looked favorably on your comment, because it appeared all by itself, without my intervention! Apologies for the inconvenience.

  4. Hiya folks! ?
    Easy puzzle. I’m ready for something more challenging (famous last words…?)
    An important follow-up to my comments from Monday: today I found that cute possum DEAD on the patio!! ? Poor lil fella. He must have gotten at my rat “motel.” It’s not supposed to be big enough for possums.
    But I’m glad I live close to Griffith Park and the attendant wildlife. Hawks and sometimes even owls. Raccoons, of course. I’m in a nice corner of a big city! ?
    Enjoy your Wednesday, all…????
    Be well~~™?

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