10 thoughts on “LA Times Crossword Answers 10 Sep 16, Saturday”

  1. Hard to believe I’m the first to comment today. I didn’t find this too challenging for a Saturday. The last to fall was 7 Down “fens” which I was glad to see wasn’t being passed off as a shorthand way to say Fenway Park!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. See you all tomorrow (or Monday for both days grids – which seems to be the way my weekends are going lately).

  2. 25:22, no errors, iPad. This one seemed pretty easy until I got to the upper middle and upper right, where I got hung up for no particular reason on several things that should have been obvious. (I’ve got a rotten cold; maybe I can blame it on that … 🙂 )

  3. I forgot to add a comment about the clue for 16A: To me, “Put in stitches” does not immediately suggest SEWN, and I’m having a hard time constructing a plausible sentence to justify the usage. For example: I would say, “The patch has now been sewn onto the seat of my pants,” but I don’t think I would say, “The patch has now been put in stitches onto the seat of my pants.”

    And now, of course, my inner imp is imagining Captain Picard, having described to a member of his crew a new uniform that he wishes to wear, saying, “Make it sewn!” … 🙂

  4. Rats! I thought I finished without error.
    That darned clue for a letter of the alphabet did me in AGAIN!!
    Cue Yosemite Sam.
    Favorite clue I actually sussed: Enjoy all the seasons.

    1. Me too on favorite clue, Pook. (Runner-up, 47A, “Right part of a map?” = RED STATE … although that “right part” is often the wrong place for anyone who’s not the “right kind” ?.)

  5. It took me two hours but I got through it with one minor error – I just forgot to change CaRSET. I’m calling it a win! So I’m at 5 Saturdays, as long as Carrie OKs it…just 5 more for my Saturday merit badge!

    Does anyone have an explanation for “Butter from the farm” being GOAT?

    Boy the middle North and NE and that stretch towards the middle took a long time. The rest was pretty straight forward.

  6. Had events all day long – sat down at nine p.m. – gave up at 11:30. Even when looking at the answer here I STILL don’t understand the connection between the def. and the word in seven cases. These puzzles are becoming way too esoteric for me! Guess I’ll take up knitting. That would be better than succumbing to using the dozens of crossword “cheat sites” that proliferate across the internet!

  7. Hi y’all!
    GOT IT!! Maybe a TAD less confounding than the average Saturday, but I struggled.
    So I’m at 9 Saturdays! @Dirk, yours definitely counts as a win, IMO. You knew the answer. Still, it looks like I may get that merit badge before you..?
    My Saturday technique continues to work, at least sometimes. I start early, put it aside, then try it as time permits during the day.

    A crossword loving friend visited today, and I actually HID the puzzle so I’d work on it solo, no help.

    Upper midsection almost did me in too. Finally got FENS because it sounded like “Fenway.”
    I had CLOVE before CROSS — anyone else? Doesn’t garlic repel vampires too?

    @Dave re. SEWN: that was weird. I think the clue shoulda had a question mark, to suggest it was something of a pun– or a real stretch.

    Thanks Joel re. GOAT. Didn’t see that either. Thought it meant butter made from goat’s milk…
    Sweet dreams~~™?

  8. Way late but just catching up. Very bad at Saturday’s normally but actually did this one mostly without cheating. Had to give myself three answers.

    Anyway just wanted to mention since it hasn’t been about the alto clue. The letters a, l, t, and o can be pulled from “a loft”. So even if the somewhat tenuous connection between the high register alto voice and the physical height of a loft is missed, a good ole anagram will do ya.

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